Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get results?  

ALL classes are taught by Sensei Peter Hollowood 4th Dan or overseen by a senior black belt instructor. In our dojo we combine the values of humility, respect and self-control with the techniques, stamina and fighting spirit of self defense. 

Sensei Peter Hollowood 4th Dan is accredited with The Australian Sports Commission he holds a Bronze Level Certificate. He is also a Kumite Coach for: World Karate Federation Accredited,  The Australian Karate Team, Victorian Karate Team. 

When can I train?

Training is available 50 weeks per year. We have regular classes and private classes from Monday - Saturday so you will have plenty of opportunity to find times that suit your schedule. 

Generally our Students have an opportunity to train up to four times a week. The little Ninja Program is one to two classes a week and based around the school term, contact us at reception and we can assist you in deciding what classes fit your ability.

Do you offer Family Discounts

Yes we do, please contact us for more information on fees and discounts.

How big are your class sizes?

Our classes sizes change from time to time as the grading are completed and student levels shift, however we try to keep the class size consistent with small shuffle arounds through out the year. 

Generally there is never more than 15-20 students per class. 6-15 students in our little Ninja and junior classes depending on ability of student.

Do you have Joining fees?

When you Join our club, there is a (once-off) Joining Fee of $130.00 – This fee covers the cost of a Training Uniform (GI). It is payable only once in the lifetime of training for that Student.
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