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At The Dojo of Champions you will learn:

  • Practical self defence skills
  • How to recognise and avoid dangerous situations
  • Invaluable lessons on self-esteem and courage
  • The best way to deal with bullies and conflict
  • Focus and discipline that will see them succeed through life

The Dojo of Champions has a great sense of family with instructors and inspiring role models dedicated to helping you or your children be strong in mind, body and spirit.

The easiest way to get started is to ring us and make a booking for a FREE TRIAL!

Once you have completed your trial, you can complete your application.

Application Process

The are a few steps you need to take to become part of our amazing club!

Book in your TRIAL

As part of the Application Process, we require all new members to complete a Complimentary Trial.

Come in and see us

Having a trial ensures that new and existing members feel safe and happy within our Dojo Community.

Complete your application

Submit your online application and order your new uniforms to get started.
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Joining Fees

When you Join our club, there is a once off Joining Fee of $130.00. This fee covers the cost of a Training Uniform (GI). This is payable only once in the lifetime of training for that Student. We have discounts for Family memberships.

Receive your welcome pack

This will include information on your ongoing membership/term fees, timetables and helpful tips for becoming the next champion of our dojo!

Access our Member Portal

All member receive exclusive access to the online membership portal. Within the portal you can access information about grading, techniques and member updates.
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