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How many trial lessons can I have?
We are happy to give 1 week of trial lessons, this generally means 1,2 or 3 lessons at most…  however everyone is different, usually you will know if this is a fit after the first session. If your not sure, come on down and just watch for a while. This may help you make up your mind.
Do you charge a Membership Joining Fee?
Yes, we charge a Joining / Membership Fee. This Fee is currently set at $130.00 – This fee is payable once only and covers Joining Peter hollowood Martial Arts, Training Uniform (Gi), First Karate Belt and Athlete Insurance.
Why do you charge a Membership Fee?
Peter Hollowood Martial Arts is a Professional Karate Club, purpose built and developed to operate to the highest of standards. We are a member of all the Governing bodies for Karate. We are Members of Karate Victoria (KV), Australian Karate Federation (AKF), World karate Federation (WKF) and pay the association and Insurance fees to protect you – making sure that all training is of the highest standards. We will not cut back in these areas as we feel it is important to protect you and or your children.
Training fees - what are they for?
Training Fees are payable every fortnight, our Fee structure can be discussed in the Dojo
How many lessons do I get?
That depends on your age and belt level, generally 3-5   45 minute classes per week, once you join we can then advise. Little Ninja program is a set class per week and runs for a school term. The best thing to do is chat with reception to advise all the classes your eligabale

How a trial lesson works

Call us or come on down

We have a set class timetable, however if your a little shy we can arrange a small class with just you or your child to see if it’s a fit.

Note we do not charge for the Trial Lessons and you will not be asked to pay any fees or buy a voucher in advance.

There is no obligation to join once you have a trial lesson, No pressure, you decide when your ready.

What if I like it

If you are happy to proceed, it’s quite simple, you take care of the paper work, we then fit you for your Karate uniform..

Your then on your way to your very own Black Belt.


Can I suspend my train fee's?

Yes, chat to reception.

Flexible Cancellation

We do not have contracts, you are free to cancel your training at any point, please note there is No Refund for the once off Joining Fee. However if you choose to begin at a later date you just take up from where you left off.