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Morning Karate Dojo Values - Spearhead

Follow the Spearhead

  • Sensei Peter is the spearhead
  • Sensei and student must be aligned
  • Together we are stronger
Morning Karate Dojo Values - blue head

Keep a blue head

  • Box or Tactical breathing
  • Re-set after each point
  • Short term goals
Dojo of Champions logo circle

Honour the badge

  • Behave like a role model
  • Win with humility
  • Lose with dignity
Morning Karate Dojo Values - Champions

Champions do extra

  • Train like a champion
  • Sleep, nutrition and mindset are weapons
  • Keep a journal
Morning Karate Dojo Values - Growth

Growth mindset

  • Hard work trumps talent
  • Be inspired by the success of others
  • You win or you learn

Grading Levels

Red Belt

9th KYU
Taikyoku Sono San Kette

Red belt white stripe

10th KYU
Taikyoku Sono Ichi

Yellow belt white stripe

8th Kyu
Taikyoku Sono San

Yellow belt

7th KYU
Taikyoku Sono San Kette

Orange belt with white stripe

6th KYU
Pinan Sono Ichi

Orange belt

5th KYU
Pinan Sono Ni

Green belt

4th KYU
Pinan Sono San

Blue belt

i.e. 1st KYU or 4th Dan - Yondan
Pinan Yon

Brown belt

2nd KYU
Pinan Sono Go

Brown belt black stripe

1st KYU
Yansu and Sochin

Black belt

Sho Dan Ho
Shotokan Kata 1

Black belt

1st Dan - Shodan
Shotokan Kata 1

Black belt

2nd Dan - Nidan
Shotokan Kata 2

Black belt

3rd Dan - Sandan
Shotokan Kata 3

Black belt

4th Dan - Yondan
Shotokan Kata 4

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