Our Teen /Adult classes are great for a combination of all Karate values incorporating fitness and most of our mature age students are in fact parents who just want to be active with their children.

Mornington Karate is very active in sports karate having students currently on the Victorian Karate Team and Australian Karate Team. We offer many tournaments throughout the year to attend if you are interested in competition. We also offer the very popular Annual camp for all to attend with guest instructors every year.

Teen / Adults

Benefits of Karate 13 and above


Learn empowering techniques to protect yourself while building confidence, strength, endurance and flexibility.


Martial arts is a great activity to relieve stress from a busy lifestyle.


Martial arts is a fun way t,o get in a full body workout that will help with weight loss, body conditioning. posture, balance and much more.


Connect & spend time with your family in a fun & exciting environment.


Increase heart health and metabolism to boost your energy and improve recovery time.


Network and build relationships with people who have a similar interest.

The many benefits of our style of Karate are:

Effective Self Defence
Self Confidence
Self Discipline
Strength of Character
Increased Flexibility
Fitness with Skill
Muscle Tone
Self Control

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Don’t wait click here to book a trial, bring your child to the Dojo and let them see if it’s a fit, no obligation…  however I must warn you that 100’s of children cant be wrong. This program is a must…