Kids classes start at 6 years to 12 years. It’s at this stage we work very hard on developing a strong foundation of basic techniques, a good understanding of karate, and of course the correct way to use it, whether it’s a self defence situation or in competition.

Junior Program

Benefits of Karate – 6 & 12 Yrs



Children are extremely smart, but can be aloof when something doesn’t challenge them. Also, their critical thinking skills are top-notch, but their decision-making skills are typically the exact opposite, and that is why most adults treat them like a child. Our goal is to teach them how to apply focus and effort to the simplest activities, and demonstrate good decision making skills by having the proper reaction when put under pressure.


They care about what their peers think, and therefore make social choices based on their friend’s likes and dislikes. Our goal Is to help them have an ethical vision about life by seeing the bigger picture and making social decisions based on good character.


Children are still learning to regulate their emotions, and will act silly when they are nervous or excited. Our goal Is to teach them how to have discipline when working with their peers, and demonstrate confidence when performing under pressure.


They typically have great technique and agility, but they can be lazy which leads to sloppiness. Our goal is to help them apply effort to challenging tasks such as build­ing momentum in their jumps and kicks and demonstrate strength by applying power and mechanics to exercises.

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