Peter Hollowood Martial Arts – Dojo of Champions Karate School Started in Mornington in 2004, and in that time has grown to be a successful and professional karate school, well respected on the Mornington Peninsula.

The Karate club is a family run school, purpose built to be a professional and full time Dojo, It is run my the Hollowood family

Sensei Peter Hollowood 4th dan – Is a Full time Karate instructor and coach.

Sensei Dean Hollowood 3rd dan – Is a Full time Karate Athlete, Instructor and coach, Sensei Dean is still competing for the Australian Karate Team and provides Kumite training for a number of Elite karate students.

 Julie Hollowood looks after all the Administration and planning, Julie is a pivotal part of the club and is one of the reasons the club is so organised and successful.

Stacey Hollowood looks after Administration and student welfare for the club, Stacey also runs a Massage business (Full Motion Massage) and operates from a purpose built private studio at the Dojo. Stacey assists with student health issues and recovery from injury. See Stacey for a full list of services and associated costs. 

The Mornington dojo through its philosophy has proved itself time and time again, producing some of the country’s finest athletes and outstanding Black Belts.  They are men, women and children, just like you who are looking for more than just a workout in their spare time.

They are individuals with poise, self confidence and character. Starting out at only 3 years of age, the Little Ninja program is the perfect way for any child to kick start their Kinder years learning life skills such as parents phone numbers and their full names and addresses. The class is well structured to this age group with focus on co-operation.

3-5 years of age (Little Ninjas) can start to develop skills of understanding 000 calls, stranger danger and anti bullying being the main focus while also developing good listening skills and coordination making them ready to take on school.

Our Kids classes start at 6 years to 12 years.  It’s at this stage we work very hard on developing a strong foundation of basic techniques, a good understanding of karate, and of course the correct way to use it, whether it’s a self defence situation or in competition.

Our Teen /Adult classes are great for a combination of all Karate values incorporating fitness and most of our mature age students are in fact parents who just want to be active with their children.

Mornington Karate is very active in sports karate having students currently on the Victorian Karate  Team and Australian Karate Team.  We offer many tournaments throughout the year to attend if you are interested in competition.  We also offer the very popular Annual camp for all to attend with guest instructors every year.

The many benefits of our style of Karate are:

  • Effective Self Defence
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Discipline
  • Strength of Charater
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Fitness with Skill
  • Muscle Tone
  • Co-Ordination
  • Self Control 

The easy way to get started is to ring and make a booking for a


Call TODAY on 0447 254 911

What style do you teach?
Peter Hollowood Martial Arts teaches (primarily) a style called Ishinryu Karate, This style was first formed in 1973 as a unique style that combines Kyokushinkai, Wado-ryu and Shotokan. Ishinryu was created by Sensei Ticky Donovan from England.
What experience does Sensei Peter have?

Sensei Peter Hollowood 4th Dan is accredited with the Australian Sports Commission he holds a Bronze Level Certificate.

World Karate Federation Accredited Kumite Coach

Australian Karate Team – Kumite Coach

Victorian Karate Team – Kumite Coach

ALL classes are taught by Sensei Peter Hollowood 4th Dan or overseen by a senior black belt instructor. In our dojo we combine the values of humility, respect and self-control with the techniques, stamina and fighting spirit of self defense.